Friday, November 7, 2014

MAKNA Founder's Night Run 2014

Assalamualaikum.. setelah sekian lama.. haha baru nk update kan? harini ayus nk share my small achievement in my "fitness programme" la kot.. kihkih.. awal November aritu, ayus ada join MAKNA Founder's Night Run dekat Putrajaya.. this is my 3rd registered 10KM run tapi this is the 1st that I managed to attend. heee... kalau tak ayus akan join TM Fan Run, then Standard Chartered KL Marathon.. tapi both xdpt nk g.. and yg ni je ayus dpt gi.. alhamdulillah.. all went well.. hee. not prepared well tapi in term of my food intake, my body weight mmg ayus dah jage dari awal coz nk try to get my fitness back by end of this ye.. *wish me luckk*

B4 Start running

ni geng Belle (tdg hitam next to me).. geng2 JK1M 3rd season.. they all mmg sempoii..

About to start.. heee

ni ayus alone betul2 lepas smpi finish line.. heee

my target was less than 1:30 tp lebih 5minit.. insyaAllah akan improve soon!

Post default semua runner malam tu

Before balik

ni kira2 kenangan la kot :p

This is my running partner, She managed to squeeze down about 10kg and more lepas dia join JK1M tapi its all about your self, dia pun byk usaha utk reduce to that amount. big applause to her *clapclap* 

Last but not least, muka den kat dlm MAKNA official photo.. hahah..

I can DO it! :p

p/s: insyaAllah next event on 6Nov - PJ Marathon. pray for me.. btw, sapa join rojer2 lah.. boleh jadi running partner nnt :)

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