Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Me in April

Salam Rabu semua.. Alhamdulillah daku masih bernafas smpi harini.. :) oh, lame kan ayus xupdate blog ni.. haih.. bukan xnk or malas tp xberkesmpatan nk update... ni pn sbb ade mase2 yg boleh dicuri sikit.. hee.. (xbaik curi masa.. tuhan marah.. hee)

Part 1... lately i'm a bit stress, workload xbanyak pun.. tp my current company tengah downsizing.. yes, extreamly downsize company.. last week about 200ppls has been slashed. *sila buat muka paling terkejut* eventho i know i'm still save here.. but if the company da mcm nk "close".. jadinye... i have to plan my Plan B.

my plan A, of cause i want to stay here until i got the "letter" from HR & i can claim my so called "VSS".. yeah, kne buang, dpt pampasan.. sape xnak kan? but if i didnt get the letter? project xde, bonus OF COZ xde.. increment? lagi la xde.. alahai.. demotivated terus nk kerje kat sini...

But sambil menyelam minum air... ayus dh start cari2 tmpat lain jugk.. nampk x stress kat situ.. xnk pk but still i have to think. grrr... i know i have few "lubang" kerja.. tapi tu la.. bila hati malas nk mencari, ape yg disodok pun mcm xde hati nk buat.. i know i have to work.. i need to help MA for our financial..


settle part 1, how about part 2? my part 2 is all about my small family.. heee.. have you seen my previous post? regarding my endless love? yes, all my kittie cats.. Bie, Pirate & Princess. they all grown up very2 well except for princess.. because she is a princess, so we have to extra care for her.. makan sangat memilih, toilet nk kne sntiasa bersih, if not sanggup xmembuang... '-_-.  just like our human la kan..

IAMS Chicken - Smartshif Cat litter - Mesra Pet Shop

see.. this all are their stuff.. they eat IAMS chicken.. but currently we mixed it with SmartHeart Tuna since Bie cannot accept chicken at all.. this what i mention earlier, their own toilet in the house.. because they are indoor cats, so, i have to make sure that they is no smelly thinggy thing in the house BUT.. princess having problem to find the "door" eventho its transparent & unlock.. haih... then, she poop-ing next to the "toilet".. '-_-  and lastly, their new veterinary clinic and boarding place.. Mesra Pet Shop.. in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam.. quite far from our house.. still finding nearer boarding place who take care of only cats.. any idea? 

endless love.. whatever they do, i still love them... don't you MA? eventho you have extra time with them..  this is one of "rezeki" from Allah.. i knew it..


Part 3.. last week i went to clinic for my internal check up (oh, xde ape yg serious, just normal checkup je..) Dr mention to me that i need to lose weight in about 10kg so that i can get an ideal BMI.. currently i'm in Obesity phase ^o^  heee... yes! i'm Obes! ergggg.. stress lagi.. she give me 3months to loose weight.. Oh Allah.. help me.. now i'm start controlling my food intake.. my exercise & my sweet drink.. its really tough..

current weight : 65.9KG
height              : 1.53m
BMI                : 28 (Obes)

target weight   : 55KG
target time       :July 2013

i'm in stress! arrghh....

p/s: i guess when i'm in stress, i manage to update my blog very fast & full of story! heee...

Till then.. XOXO.. Wassalam..

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