Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy weekend [draft 4/3/2013]

salam semua.. now is 6.25pm and i'm still in the office.. OMG... ni la akibatnye bila bangun lambat n husband xsihat... heee.. i need to drive by myself and i'm late! yes.. get out from my house at around 7++ a.m.. and the traffic was super2 yummeyh! *ni tengah pk nk balik camno la dgn jalan jem.. * oh, i arrived at the office at about 9am today.. AND i can only leave the office about 7pm.. haih.. i'm going to break the rulez... after i finish this entry, i'm going to cabut! tomorrow u replace laa... 

this afternoon ayus baru perasan that i didnt sprayed any perfume tapi xde la busuk sgt badan ni kan.. cume rase xwangi je.. FYI, saje nk share2 jugak... currently i'm in love with Versace Bright Cristal.. mcm kat bwh ni.. yes, MA gave it to me as hantaran.. one full set.. hee.. smell just nice, not to strong.. and i love it!

Last weekend kan ayus & MA balik Kg Klang gate.. hehe.. jauh bebeno kg nye kan.. balik sbb dah lame xbalik sane plus rindew ler ngn family.. tu balik jugk tu... dlm mase yg same ayus hangout jugk with my besties zaza & Maran.. oh xlpe MA join together skali.. hee.. kami tgk movie yo! Jack The Giant Slayer, must watch! baik tgk.. syiok sgt...!

Selain dari tu.. ayus ade attended 2wedding in a row on Saturday.. my bestie, ummu 's sister [xde gambo plop] & also my matriculation friend, Quyah..

last but not least, moh tepek gambo kami be2.. hee.. 

my face after a months consume marine collagen.. nampok cerah bebeno :P
camwhore before klua g wedding.. hee
p/s: nampak ke differentnye minum marine collagen ni? oh, im getting fatter! 0_0


Aza Suhaiza said...

mkn collagen apa???

yusraliyana said...

mummy, ayus mkn pure marine collagen tu.. hehe...

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