Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Married & Pregnant Year

Salam semua... perasan x this year is tahun orang kawin? most of my friends got married & pregnant. hehe.. seronok tgk semua.. siap ade yg naik pelamin be3.. lagi la happy! hee..

credit to google

sangat sweet kan? hehe.. oh yang pregnant xyah crite la.. mmg berderet la.. by the way, insyaAllah mane2 yg aunty ayus & uncle awie dtg melawat.. bleh la dpt hadiah.. ehehe...

credit to google
isn't it cute? can't wait to have mine.. hee..

p/s: we've planned well but i know His plan are better.
p/s/s: almost 6months we wait for you.. but we are not meant together now.. Allah has better plan..InsyaAllah..

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