Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Week & Wedding

Salam Semua.. last week was a holiday week to me & MA. eh? walaupun kitorg kate holiday week, kerje tetap kerjaa.. alternate holiday (isnin-rabu-jumaat kerja, selasa-khamis cuti) was owesome if you duduk dekat ngn opis.. but then, my house mmg super duper jauh.. (2jam pegi, 2jam balik).. jadi, we decided to stay at Mama's crib which is nearer to my office (1/2 hour only!) tapi MA la jauh sikit.. ampun ya pak... hee..

Starting last-last week (9/11).. kitorg dah berkampung kat rumah mama.. memang syukk laa.. semua ada.. that week memang agak bz coz my bestie's wedding..

then on the alternate holiday, kitorg just lepak2 je kat rumah.. my parent & younger sister went for holiday to Pangkor & Cameron Highland.. sadly, we can't follow because we having another activity.. Family Day Hj Zakaria (my in-laws family) at Bagan Datoh. but it was fun indeed! hee..

oh, btw, on the same day was my schoolmate's wedding.. Famie Jambol & Fariza.. Selamat Pengantin Baru to both of you.. dorang pn buat kat dewan sekolah same time wedding ayus & MA.. hee..

Fahmi & Fariza

Later InsyaAllah I'll update regarding our family day :) keep wait yaa!

p/s: everything goes very well.. Alhamdulillah :D

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