Monday, October 22, 2012

Diet in Progress

Salam semua.. Diet? yes, supposedly it already in my diary looong time ago.. but sadly, i've "lost" it after i got married.. not my fault! (actually yes, it my fault -_-) my tummy bloated with no babies inside (i wish too... ) but still.. belom ada rezeki.. insyaAllah soon.. all my pants & shirt cant fitted anymore. shame on me! boo! again, MA keep pushing me to get back my old body which is not so cun & solid.. i guess. :P so, after several reading and thinking.. i come out with this idea..

  • excercise
    • since i have no time (more to lazy bummy..) i will get my self to the gym which is previously mmg i'm practicing this b4 married.. sbb dulu free.. company sponser.. or else, g jog at titiwangsa.. oh, i miss those days. so, i plan to go to Fitness First which is a bit costly & i willing to pay as MA approve my request. hehe.. thanks Sayang! 

  • Herbalife
    • this will tie with a condition, i will take this only if i went to the gym or fitness first. if not, tradisionally diet la... like usual...

  • control my food intake 
    • this one, YES I HAVE TO because i'am supperbly uncontrol to the food and cant see delicious food.. or else, my tummy will have some "tunderstorm". haha.. so, now, i plan with MA not to take heavy dinner eg: rice, bread etc. i only will cook for him (i pray i can control this!)

so, i have to set in mind that im on DIET. extreamly on diet. or else, i will not get back my body shape back. hee...

p/s: i already set my plan, but dunno when will i start :P

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