Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Because Of You, Dora

20th Oct 2012, Dora is 2! yeay to Dora! but me? huhuhu.... i have to spend about RM750 to renew her insurance & roadtax.. poor me.. but i'm proud of my Dora.. because of her, I'm at work now, Because of her, I can go anywhere i want & because of her too, i have my 1st responsibility..

haih.. no Dora's photos at the moment... sbb dorg dah kotor xcuci kan.. hehehe.. anway, smlm baru perasan.. my lesen jugak dah mati.. OMG! byknye pakai duit.. y...y.. bulan ni all my dear.. hopefully bulan depan dpt la bonus.. fuhfuh!

sila sengetkan kepala anda.. hehehe...
p/s: hopefully ade rezeki extra bulan depan.. Sian MA dah byk sgt klua duit utk ayus.. :( sorry you...

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