Thursday, September 27, 2012

260912 - 4 Months Anniversary

Salam Sayang semua! in leau of our 4 Months Anniversary yesterday.. guess what MA did?

1) He cooked for our dinner.. simple "Nasi Goreng cili padi Pedas Masin" hehehe... but nice, he managed to cook it well & i'm so kenyang last night dinner.

-No Photo taken sbb lapa sgt dah :P-

2) He suprised me with 2 slices of Secret Recipe's cakes!yummeyh! Bluberry Cheese Cake & Strawbery Coklet Cake. Oh God, so sweett la you MA.. you know i like cheese cake kan..
mekasih MA.. love you banyak2! muaxxx 23x! deboooom! hee...

p/s: mlm ni masak lg boleh? :p

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