Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Friday

hello peeps! Alhamdulillah Friday again~ fuh~ * penat la konon.. haha. yela.. i've work for 36hours from monday-thursday.. n today is the day, balik @ 12pm.. weehooo..

Today me n MA plan to hv a short outing which is we are going to watch movie at Alamanda.. yeay! shuuu.... jgn jerit kuat2.. mama kite xtau.. if not... im dead hakhak.. ohh, 1 more things.. today i going to meet a buyer who going to buy our cute little netty.. hopefully jadi la kan.. dah kering ni so terpakse sell off our thinggy stuff la kan.. Ipad? of coz la not! xnk jual.. uish.. nyawa intan payong tu.. aduyai.

Another 2 hours.. oh,, segera lah.. nk balik.. today xramai org kat office ni.. most of them cuti..huu..

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