Saturday, August 27, 2011

..So in love with u..

Salam people... Regarding the title... As all know im already in love with MA (ahaks! Perasan~ :p) hehe.. Now im talking bout my newly (not really new la kan..) camera Sony Cybershot t90.. Model lame pon.. Name pn beli 2nd hand.. Huu.. MA beli dekat Mudah.. Sorry la u i jdkan hak milik i.. Hikhik.. U dah ade DSLR kan? ;p

Sweet kan?? Gmba pn superb.. Huu.. Actually ayus n MA mmg so crazy with Sony item.. Kami dah buat collection mp3 + earphone Sony sejak study lg.. Smpai semua adik2 ayus pn pkai mp3 sony (sume gift birthday eh..) hehe.. Oh.. Nk tgk contoh gamba that been taken from this camera?

Cantik kan?? Huu.. Love it! Soo in love wiyh it.. Wpn gamba xseberape.. Hehe.. K la.. Gonna stop here.. Will continue later yea.. Till then..

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