Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Person who i miss

Salam kawan2.. A bit touching this morning.. -_- actually.. I do miss my baba.. FYI, now im living together with my step father, papa.. We've been together for 14years i guess.. I'm the only child,daugther to my baba coz dia xdak anak lain.. But after mama n baba divorce, mama kawen dgn papa n i hv another 3siblings.. Love them all! Wakaka.. Wlaupn selalu mengopakkan poket kakaknye.. Hehe.. I love my family very2 much!

But, when it came to baba... Hmm.. Dun really feel like happy or whatever la kan.. Baba dah kawen with mak tiri mata duitan.. Hee.. Sooo mean la me! But that is true! Die pn xpenah heran bout me... So do i :) don feel like wanna see him, shake his hand, kiss his hand.. -_- sorry, i mean it..

K la.. Whateva he is, he still my father.. It still playing in my head that i do miss him, im so keras hati n keras kepala to do so..

P/S: miss MA so much.. Pray for his father to fully recover soon.. InsyaAllah..

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