Thursday, July 7, 2011


hye people.. i haven't update my lovely bloggy for long time i guess.. seriously miss my writing, my mumbling .. hehe..

Fyi, right now im in the training.. im get bored already.. everyday hv the knowledge transfer between 3countries.. no work at all..

another 3 weeks, we'll having our Ramadhan month or so called fasting month.. i hv completed my puasa ganti.. yeah! lega rasa~ 

buat mase skrg ni.. im still looking for new job.. ayus nk masuk developmnt semula la.. tp boleh kah? huhu.. sgt xtau.. really need advice.. tp from whom? kalo tye MA, die jwb, i sokong je what eva u do.. huhu.. sgt membantu kan..

oh, update bout us? no new update.. hee.. im getting fat, MA too okeh.. xyah nk prasan kurus sgt.. :p my family are good.. alhmdulillah..

so, till then.. sebelom ayus start merapu2 better stop! hee...

**layan gamba gemok.. hee

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