Saturday, January 1, 2011

my 2010

hye peeps! ayus here again!.. harini just nk update bout my 2010 memories.. rase sekejap sgt kan dah setahun.. umur pn dah meningkat.. aiyak!

January-April 2010
* having my final semester in UKM.. mase ni ayus mmg manage se-manage2 nye.. hehe. ayat xleh blah.. yes, this time i'm fully motivated n i'm in a mode "aku nk grad tahun ni".. n alhamdullillah i manage to finish all of it.. esp my FYP yg amat payah n memeningkan.. honestly, ayus pn xperasan yg ayus dah satle buat sume bende.. ngeee..

Mei-Julai 2010
* sattle my FYP presentation wpn result sagt kurang memuaskan.. pastu joining 3P course in DB Admin under IBM.. government sponsor bah! haha.. layan ajer..  time ni.. ayus just ikot je the flow.. i was very2 down sbb my PNGK not so good.. after a month of training, baru la ayus apply kje kat semua tempat.. and dapat 1 interview dekat KL.. that time mmg takot sgt.. haha.. xleh lpe that day..

August 2010
* within 2weeks in this month, ayus tlg pakcik kat kantin sekolah.. time ni menanti result interview tu.. berdebar2 jugk.. n sebelum puasa tu dah tau dah ayus dapat c2.. dekat Compudyne Sdn Bhd.. yippie! my 1st job ever.. haha.. in this month jugk is our convocation day.. yeah! at the same time.. convo beb! huhu.. and bende yg plg xdlupekan is i met his family.. ngeee... on 16/08/10, start my career as QA there.. ;)

September-December 2010
* go thru normal life like others.. go up and down.. n lastly, at the end of December 2010.. im no longer in the company.. i'll jump to other company with my own reason.. huhu.. and the new company will be my new employer for year 2011..

January-December 2010, dalam mase ni.. ayus xpenah nk plan ape2.. so, utk 2011.. i have to plan.. to have a better life, better career.. and catch all the dreams that i want..

till then! bye2 2010.. hello 2011.. :)

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