Monday, January 17, 2011

lungs infection

almost 3weeks my cough xbaik2.. luckily dont hv any fever or flu.. fuh~ mintak jauh~ hehe.. n today i went to the clinic for the 2nd time..

i told Dr Suria that i've finished my medicine last weeks but the cough doesnt get better.. hmm.. she asked me so many question until she speak out  o the nurse standing beside us "chest x-ray".. i was like "OMG!".. ikot je la...

then, after that, again im with Dr Suria, she told me that my lumgs hv a few infection which make my cough getting worse.. and suddently " please take the injection with the blue bottle" and again i was like "errkk".. huhu.. took some blood to test.. aiya....

mmg mencabar today.. n i have an appoinment on this wednesday regarding to my blood test result n next xray.. pray for me ppls..

till then.. xoxo!

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