Friday, December 3, 2010

yes i do

salam kawan2.. at last.. after lotsa thinking n get advice from others.. i accept the offer.. ;)

i noe i can do it evetho i have to start from bottom.. insyaAllah i'll be joining them 20th Dec.. but now kne sattlekn all my works.. mmg sgt byk.. in less than 2weeks.. hadoii.. ni pn if my company approve utk buy out..

i've called my fren yg kje kat c2.. die kate kje mmg kne liase dgn europe xpun mne ntah.. but in Malaysia, its still new.. so, if ayys join them.. then we are the pioneer la.

erm.. anway.. thank to all for the support.. n wait for next week ape lah result dari boss sbb isnin ni boss nk jmpe.. huhu.

till then..


diLa said...

gud, willing to take risk, then u'll succees!
gudluck ayus, g tempat baru jgn bg org buli lagik. stand 4 ur rights! hahaha.;D

yusraliyana said...

thank kak dila :p
hope this is the right choice for my career..
tp office lak cam xnk lepas.. hampes btoi. huhu.
im taking this risk for my future ;)

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