Thursday, January 7, 2010

story for yesterday

hye bloggers.. FYI, yesterday, im dun hv any class okeyh! hehe.. jeleous? don't be la.. hehe..
yesterday, i woke up at around 10.. (psst: za'ba best kalo bab2 tdo.. coz sejuk.. syok!! ) then, lepak2 wif nani yg sebok men-drawing2.. nice work nani! :D around 12.. trooot.. troot.. (not really this sound la) my phone rang.. MA called me.. hehe.. ask me for lunch! wiipppie!

wrroooooom!.. we went to cendol rimba at the junction to Dengkil n uniKL from UKM.. hehe. we had 2 cendols and a laksa.. nyum.. nyum! hehe.. but by the time i'm full oredy becz i already ate PAMA tomyam.. hehe. thank to nani again.. hehe.

after that i went to my room.. haiz.. leparking a lot wif alia, nani n su (married) hehe.. the still in process updating their proposal.. mine?? done oredy.. hehe..

to became a story yesterday.. we (ayus, maran, zaza, nani, alia, belle) set  for "jalan2" at tasik kejut.. (mals glers nk jog).. a big applause to belle de rossa for completed her jog yesterday.. hehe. soorry beb xjoin.. MODE : malas. ;p ok2.. after jalan2 tu.. we went to za'ba thru the stairs behind the kejut punya bengkel.. ( za'ba-ian know this.. i think) then, me n nani set for a sprint on to go on top.. hehe. then, one of us follow our step.. the crucial thing is, when reach on top of zaba, the person "pitam" .. hehe (ooppss! soory for laughing at u ;p)  but everything goes very good.. after the person calm down, take a deep rest (lay on the stairs).. we went to surau zaba to perform our magrib pray.. n eat a lot..haha..

after our dinner, we did a "lawatan muhibah" at block A2.. we went to Belle's room, then Ruby, lastly Zaza's room.. hehe.. really2 exhausted..  sampai last nite pn tdo awal.. hehe.. again, thanx to nani coz tlg kemas all my stuff when i tetdo.. hehe. cian die..

so, ppl.. till then..

P/S: kasihani lah diri anda.. :)

1 comment:

aeimmiey said...

a day with full of "memories"!!!
mengong tul la... :"(...

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