Monday, January 4, 2010

proposal sattled!

alhamdulillah arini satel sudah proposalku.. haha.. my beloved SV signed my form but then my KJ cuti.. so, xmo anta today.. coz nnt tetbe "i miss ur form.. did u sumbit ur proposal?" hah! da pahm sgt da.. hadooi.. extra penin, extra works, extra working (smgt nk kuwus! hehe) make me so exhausted till i was tertido untill 8o'clock.. haiz.. tunite become burong antu again la kot.. huhu... so, next task..

minggu 1-18: tempoh pelaksanaan projek! 

act starting minggu 3.. isk2.. smpat ke?? learn new thingie .NET..xpenah gune b4.. hope everithing fine..

guy, i wish u luck on ur FYP, and u olso wish me luck ok!

till then..

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