Friday, January 1, 2010

perlu ke nk percaye??

You've been living for 21 years, 4 months, and 0 days. // salah nih.. haha
Find your exact age
You were born on a Monday.  // actually on tuesday
What does your day of birth say about you?
Your date of conception was probably 21st December 1987.
You've seen 6 leap years.
Your Zodiac Sign is Virgo. // btol..
Click here to view your Zodiac Profile
Your Chinese Zodiac Sign is Dragon. // btol..
Click here to view your Chinese Zodiac Profile
Your Ruling Planet is Mercury.
What does your ruling planet say about you?
Your Birthstone is Sapphire. // rase cam bukan je..
What does your Birthstone say about you?
Your Birth Flower is Aster.
What does your Birth Flower say about you?
Your Birth Tree is Weeping Willow Tree.
Your Birth Number is 2
Find out the meaning of your Birth Number
Time till your next Birthday 253 days 5 hours 12 mins. // tipu lah..
Birthday Countdown
Your Lucky Color is Blue or White. // i think red n green..
Your Lucky Day is Wednesday.
Your Lucky Number is Five. // this 1 is true!
from Facebook's quiz...
**perlu ke nk percaye??

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