Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i mess my day..

this was yesterday's post on my FB.. it's bcoz... i failed again on my presentation.. i put all my afford on it.. menaruh harapan terlalu tggi on it.. but ble xjd.. i'm soooo stress out.. :'( nape?? y i cannot be a good presenter?? need more practice?? yess.. i did 2 weeks early practice.. my ambition? i wanna be a lecturer.. THIS IS SERIOUS.. dun laughing at me..

then.. sombody comment on my status.. she is my "mummy".. die la yg wat aku jd strong smule.. she said, its ok utk gagal skali coz gagal skali xbermakne gagal slamenye.. u hv to work out more.. extra practice.. u much better than before.. more confident.. thanx mummy..

i will do my best on my 2nd presentation.. i'll prove my self that i can do it..


fazlen jafar said...

relax ar ayus...huhuuh..

yusraliyana said...

huhu.. Tq zam for ur support..
i really appreciate it..
sbb aku tlampau sad tu yg tulis pn emo je.. huuhu..

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