Friday, December 18, 2009

yesterday's story..

all that is planned to run smoothly.. cam ape je ckp camni.. :p
anway.. everything fine.. our lunch @ nando's also fine.. (kopak duit!haha)..

then, angan2 nk tgk movie also achieved.. hehe.. syok!
tgk Avatar wif MA.. act mule2 MA dun really like it.. he prefer to watch Ninja but i already booked for Avatar..
but, guess wut.. at the end of it he said "best jugk cite nih.. ingtkan xbest.. org2 die geli kot.. tp jalan crite die best!" so guys! g la tgk.. org yg xske pn leh jd ske.. superb! and 1 more.. i always sleep in the movie but during Avatar.. puufs! xtdo beb! was a long story.. bout 2 1/2 hours.. leteyh tggu nk abis...

the funniest thing that happened was in the cinema, there hd no coverage.. and during that time, MA want to balik kg wif her sis and its almost 5.. cerita tu xabis2.. haha. we both became cuak and pray for the movie end early.. haiz.. pastu ble abis.. still dun hv any coverage untill we reached the mall.. Nasib baek! her sis still in the office.. but both of us got alot of missed call msg.. hehehe... 

wuteva it is.. yesterday was amazing.. :) thanx MA.. 

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