Monday, December 14, 2009

short discription inside me

ok2.. after a few minutes hours emo2.. then i want to cerita somting... its just about ape yg terbuku dlm hati ini.. yep! ape yg ade dlm hati ni.. cume i wont tell who is she or he.. :)

cerita 1:

i hv told ## everything.. but then after a while.. ## act like vice verse from b4.. i was wondering is ## not believe in me or wut?? im telling the truth but y do like that to me?? erm, its ok.. i admit that i shouldn't do that.. but im so pity on u.. haha.. i wont regret or else.. up to u.. HE know everything..

cerita 2:

u.. yes u.. i'm so sorry coz not really like u but u r the one who remember me.. called me.. accept me in a way who i am..  i'm sure this is a sign from HIM that do like u n dont simply hate people.. im sorry.. i will not hate u anymore.. and i'm promise to myself that i wont hate others! yes! i promise!

cerita 3:

kamu.. :) i just noe u for less than 3weeks.. but u accept me like u noe me for ages! ask me out.. chat wif me.. laughing wif me.. thanx kamu.. i appreciate it very2 much..

cerita 4:

peeps! im not so perfect and im still a learner in this world.. do forgive me and do accept me.. let me learn somthing new from u n teach me some new things..

 Ya Allah.. tabahkan hati ini dgn setiap dugaan yg hambaMu lalui.. Ampunkan dosa2 yg telah aku lakukan.. mungkin dalam kegembiraan atau dalam kesedaran aku terlupa akan kesalahan yg aku lakukan..ampunkan aku..
deep inside me..

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