Tuesday, December 22, 2009

newby rum8

as a new za'ba-ian.. for sure i will hv a new rum8.. haha... not a talkative person but easy to gv feedback when i ask somthing.. love to online ( based on wut i'hv saw just now.. she's nt here..she went to office to complete her registration) .. i will try to biasekan diri with her since she a "xkisah" person i guess.. hehe.. k la...

till then..


Yatre Hayati said...

hi there.. kita baru pasan yg awak da jadi follower kita..thanks...try to follow awak, tapi ada bad request..nanti kita try agy..
btw..kawan ayin ek??

Yatre Hayati said...

ok...i think bad request tu just sebb tenet prob kowt..da ley jadi follower awak dah..=D

missy liyana said...

cek ayusssssss, mari mlawat blog aku. haha. promoteeee! :)

merry xmas ye. mahu hadiah! :p

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