Monday, December 21, 2009

my new room!

hey guys! now i'm za'ba-ian..yezza!! i really like my room.. seriously.. not utk "jaga hati" but i like..
i'm happy with it.. i love it.. maybe next time i'll upload my room picts okeyh!

but, our planning really2 hancur when kitorg xdapat dok bersame..
sory maran,zaza and alia.. but we still dekat.. :D
cume zaza je dapat block laen.. but dun worry.. kami still akn datg melawat..
hehe.. bcoz of kamu de only ade maxis broadband.. hehe..

so.. till then..

p/s: rite now my room dun have internet connection yet since my Jaring-UKM account expired.. huhu..

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