Tuesday, December 15, 2009

meet my beloved friend

i'm so enthusiastic after received a msg from kak de a.k.a zaza ask me out for a tea diz evening wif her love one, PINO.. hehe. opps! i curik this pics from zaza's FB album.. ngeh2.. :p

wutever it is.. im going out wif them.. hopefully menjadi lor.. i'hv canceled so many "date" wif my frend b4 bcoz of several reason (cam exam lak.. haha).. anway.. can't wait to see both of u.. :D

p/s: lotsa stories im going to cerita.. haha. get ur ears ready yek! 

till then..


aeimmiey said...

mn aci kuar xajak saye.. huhuhu.. sdih la cm nie..:"(

yusraliyana said...

we were hoping that u were here so that we can leparking togther.. :D

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