Tuesday, December 8, 2009


a bit boring staying at home.. then i'll called shukaizi ask him to accompany me to my office (ex-office suppose to be..hehe) to collect my allowance n cheque. huhu.. but i got lesser than before.. dunno y.. so, i just ignored it.. after that, we heading to jusco wangsa maju.. 1st, we going to the computer shop to ask what the problem of kak long's laptop. the lappy cannot find the wireless devices.. but then, at the shop, the lappy was extreamly ok n no problem at all.  then, we heading to starbucks to lepak2 n story mory wif shukaizi..hehe.. have a lotsa fun n a bit pokai gk la.. hehe..

p/s: so sorry, my vocab n my grammar really sucks! i hv to learn more.. hehe


peAnut said...

dun bOther with ur grmmar dear..=))
normal la error sna sni..hehe

yusraliyana said...

tq kak peanut for the support :)

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