Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Have no friends not equal to yourself.

the title was taken by Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC), The Confucian Analects. 

yesterday was a good meeting wif zaza n PINO.. haha.. lotsa story.. laughing n accidentally crying.. hehe..
PINO such a good person.. (no doubt) shorty but gud looking.. hehe.. so, zaza, aku xkan riso and i believe that he is the best for u.. :)
bout yesterday.. 1firstly, zaza fetched me at nenek's house.. after that we heading to LRT wangsa Maju and waiting for PINO who still undergo his practical training at KLCC.. (student UTP beb! ).. then, PINO want us to leparking at Old Town White Coffee, Seri Rampai.. start from there, the story began.. haha... i'm the one who non-stop talking.. talk this and that.. until 8p.m.. after that, we looking for a mosque to perform our Maghrib and Isyak's pray..

in about 9pm.. again, we heading to NZ curry house.. hehe.. continuing our story and eating.. but this time was obviously like non-stop talking+eating.. hadooi.. we ate kerang rebus,  roti tisu and kerepek (dipaksa oleh makcik tu utk beli) haha.. we went home at 12.30a.m.. haha.. so puas last nite leparking.. + mengenal hati budi PINO.. ngeh2..

love u guys! next time kite lepak wif maran skali keyh!

till then..


aeimmiey said...

tul2.. t nk lepak2 ajak aku tau....:D

yusraliyana said...

tggu ko smpai cni la.. cepat2 la balik cni..nnt leh hangout togther b4 kite crazily bz.. huhua

Pino said...

it was a pleasure to meet u ayus :D ..hopefully dpt jmp maran plak pasni..hehe

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