Thursday, December 10, 2009

doa termakbul.. Alhamdulillah.. :D

y i say so?? coz MA come home today!! yeay!! baru yesterday i wish, then last nite he told me that he will balik Semenyeh today.. dats time i just "uwaaa!!!".. but he come home not only bcoz of me.. huhu.. his brother-in-low sakit.. hv undergo an operation.. dunno sakit ape.. but i pray for him utk baek n sembuh dgn cepat so that me n MA can dating2.. hehe. :p anway,, lotsa planning hv been created in my mind since i noe MA will be here.. the planning are :
  1. want to watch movie: ninja assasint (since da cancel wif my frend) or avatar (still xkesampaian.. coz everytime sampai @ counter, front sit je tgl.. so, xjadi la..)
  2. mingle2 around.. hehe
  3. ask MA to help me packing for the upcoming semeste.
  4. beli barg2 for upcoming semester
so, today nothing to do.. MA pn tarak msg me.. maybe he's on his way with Mak, Bapak n Abg Iq.. huhu..
miss u! wakakaka.. i noe some readers are like "buuuueekk!!" or "mcm ko je ad bf" haha.. sorry for that.. :p
just get use of it la k.. my blog is still U.. blom lg 18SX.. :)

until then.. XOXO

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