Saturday, December 12, 2009


i'm sooooooo boring rite now.. want to go out.. but i'm too lazy.. + no budy wat to accompany me..
maybe averybody scare that i will "amik kesmpatan" on them.. it's ok.. :)

i think i want to go to Bangi meet my MA but he's bz with mengecat rumah.. adeii..
then, if i go out.. the only transport left at home is AVANZA.. so not best...
nk g dating2 with a huge MPV.. then the only 1 can drive is ME..
MA xde lesen lg... huhu..

erm,, i think bout it 1st la,,,
  • staying @ home
  • going out
coz.. no body in the house.. everybody busy with their matters..  

so.. till then.. XOXO

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