Wednesday, December 9, 2009


today i was so bengang coz my planning to having fun wif my fren hs been canceled. it just coz of my brother n sister going out at the same time without telling me.. haiz!.. so frustrated!.. but its ok.. i hv plenty of time.. no need to rushing2..

btw.. today i found out that i hv an allergic to shrimp! OMG.. i did not notice it b4.. then, today, i eat a lot of shrimp n my lips swollen.. it so klaka when i laughing at my self with a huge lips.. but then, after an hour.. it become to normal..

haha.. nothing to update now..

p/s: MA, i miss u damn much.. come back early.. plz.. huhu..
pp/s: to hajah maselfa.. ble hang  nk balik ni.. xsaba nk dnga cerita bout Tanah Suci..
ppp/s: next week da nk bukak sem.. am i ready to go thru it??

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