Wednesday, December 30, 2009


in bout 3hours lg aku ade meeting wif my FYP's SV, Dr Kamsuriah.. huhu.. seriously takot..
xtau nk prepare ape.. tension? a bit.. blom lg smpai thap kritikal.. hope everithing could be finish on time..

entrepreneurship? ha.. one more big prob! hadooi.. nk daftar syarikat.. nk kne ade akaun la.. sadis! xpaham la.. y we have to do ol that?? OMG... xbleh ke kasi minimise ckit tension+kerja2..

project managemnt.. i love diz class coz my lovely lecturer, Dr Yazrina teach dis class.. hehe.. i like the way she teach us.. she's my IDOL.. huhu.. (shhhh.. guys, pls dun tell her.. haha)

e-com.. okey.. but always sleepy when in the class.. hehe

AI.. esok baru start.. n nnt 1 class wif MA.. yuuuhuu! syok! tp msti xbest nnt.. haha.. i xbiase u.. yaks! :p

anway.. my life ok and should be okey.. no problem.. everithing move smoothly.. just only a few days i had a BAD BACK PAIN.. seriously it hurting me.. i can't sleep.. can't do diz and dat.. only Almighty Allah noe how its feel.. please help me.... :'(

last but not least.. (haha.. cam essay lak!).. diz week new year kan?? aku xbalik umah... i hv to stay here finish up my works.. my proposal.. my study.. haiz...

till then...

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