Friday, July 10, 2009

Tagged by aimi atiqah~~

1. my last ex...
- expensive.. haha.. sbb aku nk beli handbag, tp mmg expensive.. ;p

2. maybe i should ..
- become more kuwus then skrg nih.. haha..

3. i love..
- Yang Maha Esa, mama, papa, adik2(ira, amai n yaya), nenek, aunty2+Uncle2 n my dearest mr.awie~~ wee~~ :D last but not least.. all my fwen~~ esp [zaza, maran, mumu, yati, mas, dak ts/tc, n ntah.. sume la!]..

4. people would say that i am...
-too much talking till xtau ble nk diam.. hahaa.. for those yg kenal aku tu mmg da nk pekak telinge dorg :p

5. i don't understand...
- nape la aku nih cerewet sgt.. utk certain things.. like @#%^^&.. hehe.. xleh gtau.. :p

6. when i wake up in the morning..
- i always remind my self "bgn2.. jgn mals nk bgn pg.. nnt gemok!" haha..

7. i trust..
- my religion, of couse.. my family+my dearest mr.awie..

8. life is
- so sronok [ tp jgn lpe amal ibadat la~~]

9. my past taught me
- dont too baek hati.. then people will "step" on u..

10. i get annoyed when
- when no one like my favourite hobby~~

11. parties are
- a place yg leh dancing2.. hehe. i guess.. xpenah pn g party excpt party birthday ad la.. hehe..

12. i wish
- i could spend a lots of money beli kasut+ handbag! haha.

13. dogs
- dogs is haram! [cam kate aimi]

14. cats
- ok la.. kadg2 nyampah..

15. tommorow is
- my dear dtg umah~~ wee~~

16. i have a low tolerance on
-rude peep maybe~~

17. if i had a million dollars
-shopping.. satlekan hutang PTPTN.. bwk mama n papa g haji..

18. i'm totally terrified of
- bnde2 yg geli, accident..

19. when i look at the night sky i think
- its olready nite.. lets slip! :D

20. if i could be anyone i would be
- the best of the best women~~

people i tag:
-semua follower aku.. ngeee!!

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