Sunday, February 1, 2009

~~starting a new life~~

hye guy! sorry bout i'm going to close it up coz of some problem.. so, this is my 1st post for my new blog.. hehe.. mcm xpenah buat lak b4 ni.. actually aku rase cam diz is my new life taw.. i'm going to run away from my previous life which is more worst then now.. skrg ni xd la worst sgt.. if worst pn sbb xd duit la.. hehe..

for those who noe me.. dorg tau la camne aku ni.. for those yg xtau.. i'm yusraliyana..21years old.. study at UKM major in system management(IT)..2nd year(next sem gonna b my last year, hopefully)hehe.. for me, im the problemo person but dunno what others said..(hope yg baguih2 la =p)..

as most people noe, im a consultant of Nutrimetics product(xd la power sgt).. hehe.. this is how aku carik duit sampingan slain scolar PNB yg aku dpt which is sgt la kedekut n rase nk mati je.. hehe. but ok la.. XXjgn amik scolar PNBXX..

so, hopefully i can update my blog almost everyday..if can..

ok la.. da~~


aisyacute2110 said...

hai...hihi...cantik blog ni...

baguslah mulakan hidup kan??rasa macam kita improve siket..btl x?

whateva pon, kita berusaha abiskan degree ni...


aisyacute2110 said...


yusraliyana said...

btol2.. rase la smgt ckit.. =)

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